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Labour day or International Workers Day is commemorated on May 1st of every year. It is promoted by the international labour movement, socialists, and communists to celebrate the achievements of working class people. The significance of the movement is to impart the system of “eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest” into real scale. The date of the labour day celebration varies significantly with countries. In most countries, its declared government holiday to celebrate the day with joy and mirth. The labor day is celebrated by marking different events and organizing street demonstrations and street marches. At our site, labourday.pics, we offer a huge collection of labour day pictures, images, quotes for free download and share.

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Labor day is the best day to celebrate as well thank all the hardworking people who are behind in creating and providing all the essential livelihood to satisfy our daily needs. Exchange the warm and heartful labour day wishes to everyone in your family, friends, work place and among people whom you know. Feel free to share these labor day quotes, images, pictures through any social networking platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc.,

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