Happy Labor Day Wishes for Friends

This page shows you the best Labor Day Quotes for friends to be shared online for free via social media tools such as Tufing, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Labor Day is the day of respect and honor for your employee friends, colleagues, co-workers, teammates. Share and express your care for your dear employees by sharing these lovely labor day quotes for friends with them.

No star can shine brighter than a hard working soul. No situation can discourage a strong willed person. Sending you best wishes on Labor Day for you are the one blessed with unmatched hard work and commitment.

Life is all about working hard and achieving your goals. I wish you all the happiness and glory for you have always accomplished the impossible with your dedication. Warm wishes to you on Labor Day.

Let us celebrate this day by relaxing and enjoying for we have worked hard all this year to chase our goals and to make our accomplishments. Let us take off from work and indulge in celebrations for this day. Wishing you a very Happy Labor Day.

I salute your efforts, energy and approach towards life which has always kept you moving ahead in life. Wrapping up warmth in Labor Day wishes. All the best to you!!!

Every person in this world is an employee to some employer. Each of us contribute to this society in some way or the other. Find here some of the best Labor Day Quotes for friends to share with your dear ones and employees for free. These Labor Day quotes for friends are tagged under the tagname "Friends". Browse through these lovely collection of Labor Day Quotes pictures, wallpapers, e-cards and send the best ones to your friends and employees and celebrate this day of labour and greatness.

On the occasion of Labor Day, I pray that you are blessed with many more opportunities to work hard, lots of energy to move ahead and amazing positivity to keep you working harder. I wish you a very Happy Labor Day… May you shine bright with your achievements.

The taste of success after years of hard work is blissful…. And you have enjoyed that taste for you have made the best of the efforts to achieve your dreams with commitment and compassion. Sending you warm wishes on Labor Day my friend.

After years of hard work, it is time to take a break and enjoy your success. Today is the day dedicated to your efforts. Take rest and rejoice for today is the day to celebrate your unmatched sacrifices. Wishing you a wonderful and joyous Labor Day. Cheers!!!!

Do you look for a lovely collection of the best Labor Day Quotes for Friends to share with your dear employees and friends? This page gives you the best results of Labor Day Quotes pictures, e-cards, wallpapers with stunning background images to be shared with your friends for free. Feel free to go through this lovely collection of Labor Day quotes for friends and select the best ones to send to your besties and celebrate this day of labor and hardwork.

I wish you a very warm and wonderful Labor Day because you deserve all the honor and respect for the amount of hard work you have put in your efforts.

Dear friend, I am the witness to all your efforts and sacrifices. Wishing you a very Happy Labor Day. May you work harder and inspire us all!!!

On Labour Day, let us cheer for commitment and dedication….. Wishing you all the success and sweet fruits of your hard work.

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