Happy Labor Day USA

This section lists you all the Labor Day Quotes for USA to share your loving Labor Day wishes to your dear friends, family and colleagues. These Labor Day Quotes for USA are grouped under the tag "USA". You could find here the Labor Day Quotes for USA to be shared for free. Labor Day in USA is celebrated on first Monday in September, every year.

    As we take a break from our work to celebrate and reflect on how far we have come, may we have a thankful heart and may we be rejuvenated for the work that still lies ahead. Happy international workers day.

    May the Lord prosper everything you lay your hands on. May your labour never be in vain and may you eat the fruit of your labour. Happy international workers day.

    Commit your work into the hands of the Lord and He will bless you exceedingly. He will prosper you and guide you in the way to go. Happy international workers day.

    In one way or the other, each of us owe our greatfulness to our employees and labourers. The labour of the workers make a country grow. You could find here some of the best Labor Day Quotes for USA such as "Use Me, God. Show Me How to Take Who I Am, Who I Want To Be, and What I can Do, and Use It for a Purpose Greater than Myself. - Martin Luther King Jr.", "The Work You Do Each Day is Appreciated in Every Way. So Take Time This Labor Day to Unwind and Have a Great Time." Feel free to browse and share the best ones and convey Labor Day greetings.

    The hand that does not work should not eat. But your hands have worked tirelessly. May your toil be productive and may you have bountiful harvest to show for your labour. Happy workers day.

    Labourers are the true champions. May the spirit of workers rise higher with the spirit of human dignity. Happy workers day.

    In USA, Labor Day is celebrated on first Monday of September every year to commemorate and celebrate the greatness of the working class. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend and it is considered the unofficial end of summer in the United States and also recognized as a federal holiday. This page shows some of the best Labor Day Quotes for USA for free sharing online and downloading tagged under the name "USA".

    An idle person is a disgrace to himself and family. Labour brings dignity. Happy workers day.

    Workers are a blessing to every nation. Societies thrive on their sweat. Happy workers day.

    A workman is worthy of his wage. Do not deny labour of its fruits. Happy workers day celebration.

    Let excellence distinguish your work from that of others. Always aspire to be better. Happy workers day.

    Complete every task. Be the labour great or small. Do it well or not at all. Happy labour day.

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